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Dr. Jimmy Belotte, MD, PhD; FACOG, is a board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Associate Professor in the Generalist Division, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women’s Health at Montefiore Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is a National Institute of Health (NIH) Scholar, and physician scientist by training. His life purpose is to better women’s health by providing high quality, evidenced-based, safe, and cost-effective care; advancing the field through innovation, research and advocacy.

Dr. Belotte received his Medical Degree from the “Université Notre Dame d’Haïti” in Fall 2003 and completed his residency training at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in June 2011. In September 2011, He was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSU SOM). Additionally, he was awarded the prestigious Women Reproductive Health Research (WRHR) NIH scholar. During his WRHR tenure, which ended in September 2016, he successfully completed a PhD in Reproductive Sciences in the Department of Physiology at WSU SOM. In August 2017, prior to joining Montefiore Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor at Wayne University.

Patient care

Clinically, Dr. Belotte provides high-risk specialized gynecological and obstetrical care at several ambulatory care sites in the Montefiore Health System, including but not limited to ambulatory clinical and surgical centers, inpatient obstetrical and gynecologic care at Montefiore Hutchinson Campus, Jack D. Weiler Hospital (Einstein Campus) Montefiore Wakefield Hospital (Wakefield Campus).


Since 2011, Dr. Belotte has been conducting ovarian cancer research with publications of manuscripts and abstracts in many nationally and internationally reputable journals. Also, he participated in several national and international scientific meetings. His team has demonstrated the association of oxidative stress and chemoresistant epithelial ovarian cancer. Dr. Belotte and colleagues identified the presence of a catalase SNP to be associated with a higher likelihood of death for ovarian cancer patients. They have studied the effects of glutathione peroxidase (GPX) treatments on both sensitive and resistant human epithelial ovarian cancer cells. Their findings suggest that high concentrations of glutathione may have a detrimental effect, while low concentrations seem to be protective. Using the TCGA database, they have demonstrated that Sox2 amplification was associated with better survival suggesting the presence and activity of ovarian cancer stem cells.


Part of being an academic physician is to carry the educational mission of the institution, therefore, Dr. Belotte is deeply involved in the teaching and supervision of medical students, residents and fellows. Dr. stated, “It is a delight for me to be involved in teaching the next generation of physicians.” Additionally, at Montefiore, he has the opportunity to teach and supervise nurses and physician assistants. Dr. Belotte participated in the Southeast Michigan Center for Medical Education, the largest community-based medical education consortium in the US.


In 2015, Dr. Belotte became an active member of the Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan. Specifically, he served on the Medical & Public Health Issues and the House of Delegates Reference Committees. Dr. Belotte had the honor to be assigned the role of “champion of the immunization cause”. In July 2016, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Medical Society. He also served as a “Immunization Stakeholder” for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

In February 2016, Dr. Belotte successfully represented the Michigan State Medical Society at the American Medical Association (AMA) National Advocacy Conference in Washington D.C. There, he had the opportunity to engage with members of the US Congress and the AMA and advocate for important issues facing our patients and the profession.

Dr. Belotte has also taken part as a speaker on several community-based activities with various groups, such as the National Arab American Medical Association Michigan Chapter and the Haitian Network Group of Detroit, to name a few. He participated in a Wayne State University mission trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as a supervising faculty with the World Health Student Organization (WHSO) in March 2013. In 2016, he participated in a training session as a visiting professor with Equal Health at the “Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM)”, Mirebalais, Haiti. In 2018, he was an invited speaker at the AMHE’s 45th Annual Convention in Baru-Cartagena, Columbia. In 2019, he proudly joined the Westchester Bronx Society of Black Physicians as a member of the board.

On the national level, Dr. Belotte is an ad hoc reviewer for international and national journals in both specialty and primary care. He is also a member of several major professional societies.

Hobbies: History, News, Travel, Music, Photography, Skiing, Golfing, Nightlife, Social media.

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