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This Week on The 'Gram

This week was alot.

We finally got the confirmation that none of us wanted to hear- that Black and Latinx people were dying at a disproportionately higher rate than the general population. Earlier this week I sent out an email with my Top 3 Reads of the Week, including the read: "70 Percent of People Killed in Chicago by the Coronavirus Are Black" which included the following stats:

  • Chicago: 70% of people who died were Black, though only 29% of the population.

  • NY: the highest concentration of infections are in low-income neighborhoods with big immigrant populations.

  • Milwaukee: 81% of people killed have been Black, yet are only 26% of the population.

  • Michigan: 40% of those killed have been Black, but only 12% of the population

One of the things that is particularly important is improving our access to telehealth services that are affordable and unbiased. So guess what, I announced the launch of my group practice here in NY, STRONG CHILDREN WELLNESS, which offers virtual video visits to all NYS residents. This is a game changer for the many residents who go to medical practices that have closed due to the pandemic.

For more info about Strong Children Wellness and the 3 Black women (including myself) who run this innovative practice, check us out here: www.strongchildrenwellness.com

(Btw, we offer in-office visits, once things get back to normal!)

This Week on Twitter

I spoke about 5 things we as people of color can do to advocate for ourselves and reduce our risk of contracting COVID-19. Check out the video here.

This week on Facebook

The private Melanin, Medicine, & Motherhood Group continues to grow. As you know, we offer Black women physicians a safe space to just be themselves but get the empowerment they need to keep moving forward. We had a bunch of women post some inspiring messages yesterday on what they accomplished this week, despite the COVID-19 Chaos.

Interested in seeing the conversations in our safe space? Join the group HERE.

Physician Message of the Week

To being a Black woman doctor and owning your space,


P.S. Click the image to REGISTER for the webinar. Hopefully I'll see you tonight!

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